Fire District 19, Mahoning Valley EMS and Lehighton ALS 5620 were dispatched to area of 115 Mile marker on D & L Trail for a rescue possible still on the river in Lehigh Township at 12:23 hours. S...
Fire District 19 was dispatched to Holiday Pocono in Kidder Township for our rehab unit. 1941 and 1975 went responding with a crew of 4 firefighters to provide rehab for the fire. Assisting Units t a...
Friday, August 28th, 2020
Fire District 19 was requested to setup a Landing Zone on Decker Lane by 665 for an EMS call requiring a flight. 1911 went responding with in 6 minutes of dispatch. 1911 arrived on scene and setup a ...
Tuesday, August 18th, 2020
At 2208 hours 2001 requested.his first alarm structure box to be put on standby at there stations as per fire district 20 was dispatched for a smoke investigation in area of the old high school on spr...
Mission Statement
Lehigh & Lausanne Rural Volunteer Fire Company,
 is dedicated to protecting life and property
 by providing the communities we service with
 fire safety, safety education, and fire prevention programs, 
as well as providing the mitigation
 of fire, medical, and related emergencies with professionally trained personnel, 
using teamwork and resources provided by the community.
 As a family of individuals committed to serving others,
 we strive to provide for the welfare of our members
 through a healthy and rewarding environment. 
We are dedicated to respect, integrity, compassion and leadership 
amongst ourselves so that we may proudly serve others.

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